we scream for ice cream

degree project | installation
childhood portrait | pencil on paper | 60x80 cm
playing cards made of wax, concrete, plaster, polyester resin and aluminum | each 140x100 cm
objects | je 140x100 cm
portrait of my mother | oil on canvas | 40x30 cm
portrait of my father | oil on canvas | 220x145 cm
self-portrait | oil on canvas | 220x145 cm

We scream for ice cream, the concluding project for my art degree, contains a myriad of pictorial and narrative springboards to experiences of violence, destruction and death. Its main motif is the Jack of Hearts playing card, shown cast, deformed or in a process of dissolution in different materials. The interplay of these elements enables me to show my own life story in political imagery and transform it into a powerful graphic ensemble.