MAKE MORE / The WE Family

Saeed Foroghi | Thilo Droste
temporary art in public space
construction sculptures with approx. 800 packing boxes | 900x800 cm
8 presentation banners | each 200x150 cm

In the courtyard and entryways of Berlin’s Passage Neukölln, a place with considerable foot traffic, a fictitious architectural contest is presented with the stated aim of redesigning the passageway. The six supposed finalists are shown along with the winning design which is simulated at the site by apparently closing off the two entryways with two staggered walls of packing boxes.

All the fictitious submissions from different architectural offices were devised and visualized by Saeed Foroghi and Thilo Droste, in a humorous yet critical take on the urban planning, gentrification and displacement affecting ever more residents of Neukölln. The project was concluded by giving away the packing boxes.